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Market America Realty and Investments, Inc.


Who we are.

The Market America Group of companies consists of Market America Realty and Investments, Inc., Market America Realty and Development, LLC, and Sunset Concepts LLC all wholly owned by Gregg A. Fous. The group is a vertically integrated real estate acquisition, development, and marketing company.   Market America Realty Group also has residential offices in Orlando, Naples, Cape Coral, Sarasota, and Punta Gorda.

The Team

         Gregg Fous                          President/CEO

         Carlos Cavero                    Chief Technology Officer

         Nils Richter                            REO Division Manger

         Ty Wespiser                           Short Sales Acquisitions and Disposition

         Lauren Baugh                     Administrative Manger

         Chris Sterns                           Residential Manager Orlando

         Vlatka Simic                         Cape Coral Residential Manager

         Gunther Schmidt                European Manager

         Betty Katke                           Fort Myers Residential Manager

The Concept

Gregg Fous has been in real estate for over thirty years and in development for the past seven. His specialty is concept development and marketing. He has built a team that is intent on long term relationship building and capitalizing on his expertise in residential and commercial development.  When Fous sold Brixton Development in late 2005, Fous kept his marketing and planning staff and concentrated on one or two projects of his own and began marketing his teams’ services to third party developers. The result is a team that has experience in multi- family, single family and commercial development and marketing, they know how to make a bottom line work for their clients and they treat each project as if it was their own.  The team uses outside contractors for legal, engineering, architecture, advertising, and building.

Market America Realty Services


New Developments

Being on the inside track is our middle name; Realtors call us for information on new and pre-construction properties.  Through our visiting all the properties and interviewing all the developer’s sales agents we are able to get detailed information for our clients so there are no surprises during the transaction process.

·         Define objectives and Goals

·         Identify, Acquire and entitle land

·         Define product

·         Coordinate architects, engineers, and contractors

·         Manage project from concept to sell out


Rework Developments

Fous and his team consult on acquisition and disposition of troubled assets. We believe that the exit strategy is more important the acquisition strategy. To accomplish this we can provide:

·         Full existing market analysis

·         Repositioning studies

·         Absorption Studies

·         Presentation of Auction and bulks sales exits

·         Set up and train sales team

·         Prepare an advertising budget and plan

·         Prepare financial statements and cash flow analysis

·         Make presentation to investor groups



Asset Management and REO Services

Full Service REO services and representation and sales from start to finish in the Lee, Collier, and Orange County areas.


·         Our REO Listing Specialists

Our full time REO Specialists have the capacity to handle every aspect of the project from BPO and to sale with expertise and knowledge of the markets.







·         Our In-House REO Services

We have all the support in place to get the job done efficiently within a timeline and with a detailed tracking system that maximizes our capabilities and provides total accountability.   We can perform:



·         Buyers’ Financial Evaluation to Deliver Qualified Offers

·         Broker Price Opinions (BPO’s) – 48 Hour Turnaround

·         Valuation Expertise Above and Beyond CMA Evaluations

·         REO Property Inspections

·         Trashouts, Cash for Keys

·         Exterior and Interior Construction Rehabilitations

·         Property Enhancement

·         Property Management

·         Bid Estimates

·         Site Assessment, Vacancy Status and Eviction Coordination

·         Securing Property and Re-Keying

·         Multi-Level Public & Broker Marketing Program

·         Auctions 

·         Escrow Management, Transaction Coordination, Bookkeeper and Notary

·         Computerized Documentation and Communication System

·         Timely Monthly Market Updates

·         Graphic Design






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